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Valentine's Day Sale Four-leaf Clover Key And Lock Lover Couple Necklaces Matching Set

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Brand EverMarker Sale

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Each set comes with two necklaces; one carrying a four-leaf clover key pendant, and the other being a silver lock-shaped pendant.

When the two titanium necklaces are put together, the clover key enters the titanium lock and unlocks the others heart, completing the carefully etched phrase I LOVE YOU. Be bonded together with a unique set of necklaces no other couple has.
The four-leaves on the clover-key pendant represent faith, hope, love and luck. Together, these four leaves bless your relationship so it may last through all eternity.
The alloy chain is plated in silver so it sparkles brightly when light hits it. This gentle reflection echoes the light of your inner beauty to the world.
The pendants are made of incredibly tough titanium, so they are highly durable and last a lifetime, just like your love for each other.

Product Specifications:

Gender: Couple
Style: Fashion
Occasion: Daily
Chain material: Alloy, Silver plated
Pendant material: Alloy, l: Alloy, Crystal
Packaging Method: Exquisite Gift Box
Chain Length: Men: 55cm Women:50cm


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