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Square Board Lover Necklace Stainless Steel (Price For a Pair)

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Brand EverMarker

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• Both necklaces contain stainless steel rectangular pendants with writing on the surface. Each necklace also has either a rose-gold heart or a black cross. Both pendants have a sole crystal.
• “MY LOVE WILL BE AROUND YOU FOREVER” engraved twice onto the surface of each pendant, so you can express your love for your soul mate in the form of a loving gift.
• Rose-gold heart/black cross ornaments on each necklace make for eye-catching pieces that are sure to make you the centre of attention.
• Expertly polished surfaces of each pendant radiate an aura of elegance to onlookers.
• Stainless steel in both pendants to help prevent scratches, dents and damage.

Product Specifications:
Material: Stainless Steel
Features: Square Board Shape
Pendant Length: Male 35mm*17mm,Female 27mm*13mm
Chain Length: 55cm
Weight: Male 17g,Female 11.5g
Packaging Methods: Exquisite Gift Box


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