Unique Gifts Vintage HandStamped Best Friends Yin Yang Puzzle Pendant – EverMarker
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HandStamped Best Friends Yin Yang Puzzle Couple Necklaces

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Brand EverMarker

In traditional Chinese philosophy, Yin & Yang are seen as inseparable forces of the universe that play a massive part in controlling our lives and destiny.
Yin & Yang is often described as the push & pull of the universe, the dark and light, the good and evil, the feminine and masculine, the black and the white.
Much like Yin & Yang forces balance the universe, so does two soul mates. The lady (Yin) and the man (Yang) need each other just like light needs darkness to shine.
With this ancient Chinese philosophy in mind, these necklaces were crafted.
¨¹ Each necklace contains either a dark ¨¹Yin¨¹ or white ¨¹Yang¨¹ alloy metal pendant, with both pendants containing the full Yin & Yang symbol embedded.
¨¹ Yin & Yang design of both pendants makes for a timeless design. Gift this couples necklace at a birthday or anniversary to express how much balance your soul mate brings to your life.
¨¹ Black and white opposing colors with full Yin & Yang symbols are ideal for long distance relationships to remind yourself of the other¨¹s love for you.
¨¹ Both pendants made of durable alloy metal blend to deliver a strong final product that won¨¹t break or scratch easily.

Product Specifications:

Brand New and High Quality;
Color:Silver Chain; Black white pendant;
Package Included:x1pair puzzle Best Friends Necklace