925 Sterling Silver Lover's Matching Heart Couple Rings – EverMarker

925 Sterling Silver Lover's Matching Heart Couple Rings


Brand EverMarker

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• Each set of rings has two sterling silver rings with half a heart on each ring. One ring’s half heart is colored black and the other is colored silver with rhinestones. When the rings are put together, the contrasting colors symbolize the ying & yang balancing effect a man and a woman in love have on one another.

• The timeless design of the 925 Sterling Silver in both rings dazzles onlookers, while the polished, sleek surface of the ring allows for an elegant look that complements the way your two souls are intertwined.
• Inscribe your very own personalized message that the two of you can share forever.

Product Specifications:
Style: Trendy
Occasion: Daily
Material: 925 sterling silver, Rhinestone
Width: 5mm(men), 4mm(women)
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