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Titanium Steel Crystal Devil And Angel Cross Couple Necklaces

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Brand EverMarker

Throughout human history, angels were seen to be blessed because they lived in Heaven, to be God’s faithful servants.

Each angel was chosen based on their caring, sensitive, benevolent personalities.

The demons on the other hand, were the angels who were cast out of heaven and sent to hell because they did not abide by God’s rules. The demons were renowned for having dangerous, risk-taking, bold personalities.

When a couple wears this set of jewelry, the jewelry chooses the other based on their personality types; either the fun, risk-taking demonic wings or the sensitive, caring angel wings. Each couple has a demon and an angel. Decide which one you are and which one your partner is.

• A complete set has two necklaces, with each necklace having a highly durable titanium steel cross elegantly dangling from it.

• Each of the necklaces in the set have crosses with beautiful crystals in the middle. Covering each crystal is either a rose-gold angel wing, or a dark-black wing wrapped around the center. Have your friends and family decide which one of the two of you is the demon and which one is the angel.

Product Specifications:
Main Gemstone: Crystal
Men's Pendant Size:44mm(Length)*37mm(Width)
Women's Pendant Size:34mm(Length)*22mm(Width)
Chain Length: 50cm

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