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Titanium Stainless Steel Couple Wedding Rings


Brand evermarker

¨¹ Each set has two rings made of stainless steel. Rings are matching and both are colored silver with golden edges.
¨¹ Silver and gold colors shine brilliantly to make your partner¨¹s jaw drop in awe. Perfect wedding gifts.
¨¹ Expertly polished surfaces of both rings glisten suavely to add an unrivalled touch of elegance to your appearance.
¨¹ Simple designs of both rings make them suitable for daily wear.
¨¹ Two matching rings per set so that you and your partner can share identical jewelry and be bonded closer together because of it.
¨¹ Stainless steel in both rings prevents rusting, damage and dents.

Product Specifications:
Gender: Couple
Style: Simple
Occasion: Daily, Engagement
Material: Stainless Steel
Width: 8mm(men), 6mm(women)

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