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Personalized Love Token Couple Wedding Chain Bracelets

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Brand EverMarker

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• Each titanium bracelet is track-styled. Both bracelets are silver in color and contain magnetic stones.
• Simple, subtle designs of both bracelets make them suitable to be worn with any style of clothes. Ideal for daily wear.
• Magnetic stones in each bracelet have been rumored by some to have healing properties.
• Expertly-polished surface of both bracelets glistens incredibly to deliver two bracelets that radiate elegance.
• Track-style design is not only modern and trendy but also structured to be highly durable.
• Titanium steel used in both bracelets to extend product lifetime.
Product Specifications:
Style: Couple Bracelets
Quantity: 1pcs
Material: Titanium, Rhinestone,Magnet

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Processing Time: 5-7days.

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