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The Footprints Of Love Titanium Stainless Steel Couple's Bangles Bracelets

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Brand EverMarker

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“If you saw only one set of foot prints, it was because I carried you”.
These romantic-themed couples’ bracelets symbolize the strength of couples whose love lasts through thick and thin.
Sole track of imprinted footprints on each bracelet reminds the couples of when they were carried by their partner when times were tough.
• Each set contains two stainless steel bracelets with messages engraved. Both bracelets have footprints imprinted and sole crystals embedded.
• Unique footprint design coupled with “FOOTPRINTS OF LOVE” engraved for the ultimate romantic gift to leave your lover breathless.
• Professionally-polished surfaces reflect light incredibly to dazzle onlookers into a state of pure bliss.
• Smooth surfaces of both bracelets make for comfortable wear.
• Stainless steel used to make both bracelets so they are highly durable.

Product Specifications:
Material316L Stainless steel titanium
Gender: Couple
Inner perimeter: Male 18cm,Female 17cm
Width: Male 10mm,Female 8mm
Weight: Male 34g,Female 26g