Simple Style Lovers Titanium Steel Bracelets – EverMarker
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Simple Style Lovers Titanium Steel Bracelets

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Brand Evermarker

• Each set contains two titanium steel bracelets with written inscriptions and sole embedded crystals.
• “LOVE” engraved into the surfaces so you can let that special someone know how you feel about them.
• Romantic-theme of bracelets makes them perfect for couples looking to strengthen their relationships. Ideal for anniversaries and Valentine’s Day gifts.
• Sole embedded crystals gently sparkle to shine your love for one another to the outside world.
• Simple yet sophisticated look of each bracelet makes them suitable for daily wear.
• Titanium steel used in both pieces to prevent dents, scratches and rust.

Product Specifications:
Gender: Couple
Material:Titanium Steel
Bracelet Dimension: Male(Length/210mm`Width/17mm)`Female(Length/170mm`Width/6mm