Silver Track Chain Style Titanium Couple Bracelets – EverMarker

Silver Track Chain Style Titanium Couple Bracelets

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Brand EverMarker

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• Each complete set has two titanium bracelets, one for yourself and one for your love. The bracelets are symbolic of the non-physical bond you two share through your love, even when you’re not physically close.

• Both bracelets have a tiny crystal embedded in the surface of the clip. The sparkle of the crystal reminds you of your soul mate when they are not there, so you can be reminded of the exciting, ecstatic feelings you have when you are with them.

• The simple track-style design adds a sophisticated charm to the bracelets. The bracelet is very subtle so it won’t overpower your day-to-day clothes. Instead, it gently complements your clothes, while binding you to your love.

• The bracelets are made of highly durable titanium, so they won’t break easily, nor will they scratch.

Product Specifications:
Materials: Titanium, Crystal
Packaging Methods: Exquisite Gift Box
Circumference: 200mm(Woman)/215mm(Woman)
Width: 10mm(Woman)/12mm(Man)
Weight: 29g(Woman)/60g(Man)

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