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Titanium Love Heart Ring Lovers Bracelets

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Brand Evermarker

• A set comes with a red-roped bracelet or a black-roped bracelet. Attached to ropes are titanium rings with either rose-gold colored half-heart or black-colored half-heart.
• Authentic rope design of both bracelets makes for a simple yet memorable accessory that perfectly complements any outfit.
• Each bracelet contains a silver ring with a rose-gold or black half-heart that when meets its other half, creates a black and rose-gold full heart. This symbolizes two soul mate’s hearts melding forever.
• Durable titanium is used to craft both rings, to ensure your rings don’t scratch, damage or dent.
• Romantic theme to bracelets makes them ideal gifts for anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.
Product Specifications:
Materials: 316L Titanium/Braided Rope
Packaging Method: Exquisite Gift Box
Circumference Size: 20cm(Adjustable)
Weight: 5 g

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