Forever Love Lock & Key Couple Bracelets – EverMarker
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Forever Love Lock & Key Couple Bracelets

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Brand EverMarker

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¨¹ Both silver-colored bracelets are made of titanium. One bracelet contains a heart shaped key and the other contains a keyhole in the wristband. The bracelet with the key contains a naked woman design on the end.
¨¹ Key and lock designs of both bracelets bond you and your partner even closer as they symbolize the act of giving oneself fully to another.
¨¹ Professionally polished silver bracelets radiate beauty and are sure to catch the eye of envious onlookers.
¨¹ Sleek, modern design of both bracelets makes for a perfect addition to anyone¨¹s outfit who would like to keep up with current trends.
¨¹ Romantic notion behind both bracelets make them ideal for couples celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.

Product Specifications:
Gender: Couple
Materials: Titanium Steel
Packaging Methods: Exquisite Gift Box
Men's Bracelets Perimeter: 20cm
Women's Bracelets Perimeter: 18cm
Width: 1cm

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