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Retro Cross Classic Couple Bracelets (Price For A Pair)

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Brand EverMarker

¨¹ Both bracelets are made of titanium steel and have either a rose-gold or black cross linking the bracelet. Each cross also has a small crystal embedded.
¨¹ Rose-gold and black crosses can symbolize your religious faith or just be worn as a beautiful accessory that catches friend¨¹s eyes.
¨¹ Tiny crystal embedded in crosses sparkles softly in light to add a unique touch to each bracelet.
¨¹ Both bracelets are simple in design and polished expertly so you can add an elegant touch to your outfit.
¨¹ Comes with two bracelets so you can gift the other one to your partner or soul mate and be bonded together when wearing these unique bracelets.
¨¹ Crafted out of tough titanium so you don¨¹t have to worry about scratches and dents.
Product Specifications:
Material:Titanium Steel`Gold Plated`Crystal
Men Size: 20cm(long)
Women Size: 19cm(long)
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