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You Are Always In My Heart Lover Bracelets(Price For A Pair)

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Brand Evermarker

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• Both bracelets are made of titanium steel and have sole crystals embedded and writing engraved on the surfaces. Each bracelet contains either rose-gold or black streaks.
• Rose-gold/black streaks running along the edges of each bracelet add a charming feel to both accessories. Walk into a room and be the classiest person there.
• “YOU ARE ALWAYS IN MY HEART” inscribed into the surface of both pendants so you can gift these romantic presents to your lover on Valentine’s Day. Share an incredible connection with this beautiful message.
• Simple, sleek design of both bracelets is modern and stylish. Excellent accessories to wear to fancy events.
• Sole embedded crystals sparkle quietly to remind you of your lover when they are not there.
• Titanium steel in both bracelets makes them highly durable.

Product Specifications:
Material:Titanium Steel
Bracelet Dimension: Male: Length/180mm, Width/8mm, Female: Length/170mm, Width/6mm
Weight: Male/29g`Female/20g