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Perfect Couple 925 Sterling Silver Lovers Bracelets

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Brand 链接失效

• Both bracelets made of braided rope. Lady’s bracelet contains red rope & female symbol. Man’s contains black rope & male symbol. Both symbols made of 925 Sterling Silver.
• Male & female symbols are a novel touch to each bracelet. Set yourselves apart from other couples with this quirky feature.
• 925 Sterling Silver gender symbols reflect light beautifully to capture the love of your incredible relationship and project it out to the world.
• Black/red braided rope used in bracelets give an authentic and unique look to any wearer.
• Two bracelets per set making them ideal for couples celebrating anniversaries.

Product Specifications:
Gender: Couple
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Men Size: 21.3cm(Girth)`Pendant:2.7*1.2cm
Women Size: 19.2cm(Girth)`Pendant:2.3*0.95