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Personalized Titanium Steel Necklace For Couples(Price For A Pair)

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Brand EverMarker

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• Each necklace has a titanium steel pendant. Both pendants have writing engraved and sole crystal embedded. Each necklace also has either a black ring with diamond or a rose-gold angel with black crystal surface.
• Jigsaw puzzle piece design of both pendants symbolizes you and your soul mate completing the puzzle of love. Wear these charming necklaces and grow a stronger connection.
• Black ring & diamond/rose-gold angel with black crystal both add an exciting flare to the plain puzzle pieces. Spice up your appearance with these amazing ornaments.
• Massive diamonds and black crystals on each ornament radiate beauty to onlookers.
• Match puzzle piece pendants together and create “LOVE IS ALWAYS HERE NOW AND FOREVER” as iconic reminders to each partner of the love you two share.
• Both pendants made of titanium steel to prevent damage and scratches.

Product Specifications:
Material: Titanium Steel(high hardness, high gloss,never discolor,never fade)
Features: Puzzle
Pendant Length: Male 24mm*18mm,Female 24mm*15mm
Chain Length: 50cm
Weight: Male 21g,Female 21g
Packaging Methods: Exquisite Gift Box

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Processing Time: 5-7days.

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