Couple Vintage Bracelets Daily Heart-shaped Leather Brown – EverMarker
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Couple Vintage Bracelets Daily Heart-shaped Leather Brown

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Brand EverMarker

• Each set comes with two braided leather bracelets, both containing colored beads and alloy metal ornaments. 

• One bracelet has a half-heart with lock and the other has a half-heart with key design, symbolizing one giving another their heart to share eternal love together.
• Braided leather bracelets to give your style a more refined, authentic look.
• Subtle, rustic design of both bracelets makes them suitable for daily wear.
• Inscribed in the alloy metal ornaments is “I LOVE YOU”. Ideal for anniversaries, birthdays and Valentine’s Day gift ideas so you can express your love for your one and only in style.

Product Specifications:
Material: Leather, Alloy
Men Size: 14-30cm(Girth), 3cm(Pendant)
Women Size: 14-30cm(Girth), 2.9cm(Pendant)

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