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Personalized 925 Sterling Silver Diamond Couple Rings


Brand EverMarker

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Purple is a color that has long been associated with mystery, intrigue and peace.
The purple gemstone in each of these couples¨¹ rings symbolizes the mystery surrounding the love deep within each person¨¹s soul and the corresponding peace you feel when you find your soul mate.
¨¹ Both rings are made of 925 Sterling Silver with a singular purple gemstone in each ring. The lady¨¹s ring contains a crystal and is a slim, thin design. The man¨¹s ring is thick and contains no crystal.
¨¹ Elegant style of the lady¨¹s ring matches her delicate soul and softly complements her appearance.
¨¹ Thick, smooth design of the man¨¹s ring makes for a simple, masculine ring that is suitable for everyday wear at any occasion.
¨¹ Purple gemstones add a subtle yet unique touch so your rings stand out and make heads turn.
¨¹ Fashioned out of 925 Sterling Silver, each ring has a sleek and sophisticated look making them perfect for engagement, wedding and anniversary gifts.

Product Specifications:
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Ring Width:Male/4mm, Female/2mm


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