Key And Lock Leather Couple Bracelets – EverMarker
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Key And Lock Leather Couple Bracelets

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Brand EverMarker

¨¹ Both bracelets are made of leather with metal alloy ornaments and black & green colored ropes. Each bracelet has either a silver heart lock or silver key.
¨¹ Heart-lock and key combination that symbolizes one partner giving the keys of their heart to the other. Be bonded together closely with a unique set of bracelets.
¨¹ Leather bracelets with various ropes and metal alloy ornaments to add an authentic, refined look to your outfit.
¨¹ Romantic notion behind both bracelets make them ideal for anniversary, birthday or Valentine¨¹s Day gifts, so you can express your love and be bonded even closer.

Product Specifications:
Gender: Couple
Style: Fashion
Occasion: Daily, Holiday
Material: Leather, Alloy
Men Size: 18-90cm(Girth)
Women Size: 18-90cm(Girth)