Sweet Match Heart 925 Sterling Silver Lover Bracelets – EverMarker
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Sweet Match Heart 925 Sterling Silver Lover Bracelets

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Brand Evermarker

• Both 925 Sterling Silver bracelets are made of brown or red-braided rope. Each bracelet has a half-heart ornament either finely cut or made of crystals.
• Matching half-heart-shaped ornaments can be put together to make a full heart. Meld your and your partner’s hearts together forever with this beautiful set of bracelets.
• Brown/red braided ropes are simple in design to give an authentic, modern look to your appearance.
• 925 Sterling Silver ornaments shine powerfully to radiate beauty to onlookers.
• Each set comes with two bracelets so you can gift one to your soul mate on occasions like anniversaries, birthdays or Valentine’s Day to share a special connection no other couple has.

Product Specifications:
Gender: Couple
Material: 925 Sterling Silver