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Love Theme Titanium Steel Lover Bracelets

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Brand Evermarker

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It is often said that love makes the world go round because it can conquer any bad or wrong-doing.
With this idea in mind, this set of bracelets was made so you can express your love for your one and only in style.
• Both titanium bracelets have either black or rose-gold plating with written inscriptions on the surface. Both bracelets contain a sole crystal each.
• Inscriptions on the surface of the rose-gold bracelet say “MY ONLY LOVE” and “LOVE IS BEST”. On the black bracelet the inscriptions say “I LOVE YOU MOST” and “TRUE LOVE”. These romantic messages can spice up any couple’s lives and leave you both feeling loved and closely bonded.
• Each bracelet is polished to perfection to radiate your love for one another to the world.
• Simple, smooth design of both bracelets make them suitable for everyday wear so you can still be devoted to your love when they are not around.
• Highly durable titanium steel is used to craft both bracelets to reduce risks of damage.

Product Specifications:
Material: Titanium Steel`Gold Plated`Crystal
Men Size: 21cm(long)`1cm(width)
Women Size: 18cm(long)`0.7cm(width)

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