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Love Theme Titanium Steel Lover Bracelets

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Brand Evermarker

It is often said that love makes the world go round because it can conquer any bad or wrong-doing.
With this idea in mind, this set of bracelets was made so you can express your love for your one and only in style.
¨¹ Both titanium bracelets have either black or rose-gold plating with written inscriptions on the surface. Both bracelets contain a sole crystal each.
¨¹ Inscriptions on the surface of the rose-gold bracelet say ¨¹MY ONLY LOVE¨¹ and ¨¹LOVE IS BEST¨¹. On the black bracelet the inscriptions say ¨¹I LOVE YOU MOST¨¹ and ¨¹TRUE LOVE¨¹. These romantic messages can spice up any couple¨¹s lives and leave you both feeling loved and closely bonded.
¨¹ Each bracelet is polished to perfection to radiate your love for one another to the world.
¨¹ Simple, smooth design of both bracelets make them suitable for everyday wear so you can still be devoted to your love when they are not around.
¨¹ Highly durable titanium steel is used to craft both bracelets to reduce risks of damage.

Product Specifications:
Material: Titanium Steel`Gold Plated`Crystal
Men Size: 21cm(long)`1cm(width)
Women Size: 18cm(long)`0.7cm(width)

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