Couple Vintage Bracelets Daily Wing Leather Brown – EverMarker
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Couple Vintage Bracelets Daily Wing Leather Brown

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Brand EverMarker

¨¹ Both bracelets are made of leather and green rope with colored beads and silver-colored angel wings and metal ornaments.
¨¹ The rustic leather, rope and colored beads on each bracelet gives a refined, authentic look to any wearer.
¨¹ Iconic angel wings and various metal ornaments add a unique eye catching touch to each bracelet.
¨¹ Complete set comes with two matching bracelets that can be worn by couples as loyalty pledges to one another or simply just as romantic gift ideas.
¨¹ Contrasting colors of brown and green make for a diverse look that¨¹s sure to stand out and catch onlooker¨¹s eyes.
¨¹ Suitable as gifts for couples birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine¨¹s Day.

Product Specifications:
Material: Leather, Colorful Line
Length: 20cm( Adjustable)

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