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Personalized Matte Surface Silver Diamond Couple Rings


Brand EverMarker

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¨¹ Each set has two rings made of titanium steel. Both have a matte silver surface. Each has a sole diamond embedded.
¨¹ Matte surface of each ring glitters elegantly to add a sophisticated finish to your outfit.
¨¹ Simple design of both rings make them subtle in appearance, so you can wear them daily to any informal or formal event.
¨¹ Expertly polished surface reflects light beautifully to dazzle the senses of onlookers.
¨¹ Embedded diamonds add a gentle shine to your appearance.
¨¹ Silver color of each ring for a more classical look making them suitable as engagement or wedding rings.
¨¹ Highly durable titanium steel in both rings so you don¨¹t have to worry about them scratching or damaging easily.

Product Specifications:
Material: Titanium Steel, Cubic Zirconia
Width: Man: 6 mm, Women: 4 mm

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