Braided Leather Crystal Couples Bracelets – EverMarker

Braided Leather Crystal Couples Bracelets

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Brand EverMarker

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• Each set contains two bracelets braided out of leather. Both bracelets contain either a blue or pink singular crystal and various colored beads and metal ornaments.
• Authentic feel to each bracelet can add a more refined, authentic look to your style.
• Two bracelets per set so you and someone special can express your deep love for one another by wearing matching bracelets.
• Simple in design so as to blend in subtly with your outfit making them ideal for daily wear.
• Colored crystals, beads and metal ornaments add an exciting flair to the bracelet so you can celebrate your love for your soul mate in style.

Product Specifications:
Material: cattlehide, alloy, crystal
Color:blue, pink

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