Lovely Heart Puzzle Couple Necklace – EverMarker
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Lovely Heart Puzzle Couple Necklace

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Brand EverMarker

• Both necklaces contain titanium puzzle-piece shaped pendants. Each pendant is colored blue with half a white heart styled onto the surface.
• Jigsaw puzzle design of each pendant catches onlookers’ eyes. Walk into a room and be the center of attention with your beautiful new necklace.
• Blue-colored surface of each pendant is expertly polished to deliver a calm, soothing sky-blue color that charms its way into the hearts of your friends and family.
• Put pendants together to create a white full heart to symbolize you and your partner melding hearts. Perfect gift for romantic occasions.
• Titanium pendants are highly durable and rust resistant.

Product Specifications:
Gender: Couple
Style: Fashion
Occasion: Daily, Holiday
Materials: Titanium Steel
Chain Length: 21"(Men), 19"(Women)

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