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"Love Only You" Blue Cross Matte Titanium Lover Couple Rings


Brand EverMarker

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In Ancient Aboriginal Warumungu culture, it was believed that each person’s soul is another living being that follows you, protects you and cares for you until you die.
When you die, the soul is set free and floats to heaven. If the spirit was faithful and loyal to you, it is colored blue as it leaves the body.
The Warumungu people believed that the blue-color of the soul wards off evil spirits as it makes its way to heaven.
To replicate the life-time loyalty of the Warumungu spirits, the Shining Blue Cross Couple Rings were fashioned. Let the blue taint on each ring be symbolic of the undying loyalty and trust you share with your partner.
Once the rings are on, you are as committed to each other’s love as the Warumungu spirits are to protecting Aboriginal people’s lives.

• Each ring is made of strong titanium steel so that it is highly durable.
• Every ring has engraved in it “LOVE ONLY YOU” to reflect the deep loyalty bound to this ring. The blue cross in the ring symbolizes your two souls intertwining due to the powerful loving bond you share.
• Each ring has 15 characters of personalized message you can inscribe to reflect your love for the other person.

Product Specifications:
Gender: Couple
Materials: Titanium Steel
Men's Ring Width: 6mm
Women's Ring Width: 6mm
Packaging Methods: Exquisite Gift Box


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