Letter Design Titanium Steel Silver Couple Bracelets – EverMarker
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Letter Design Titanium Steel Silver Couple Bracelets

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Brand EverMarker

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• Each set contains two bracelets, one black and one silver. Both bracelets are made of titanium and contain white imprinted bible text with a white cross.
• White bible text and white cross imprinted on each bracelet allows you to express your faith for your religion in style.
• Silver & black colored titanium surfaces are highly polished to radiate each color’s beauty out to the world. Dazzle onlookers with your magnificent bracelets.
• Simple design of both bracelets makes for a subtle touch to any outfit so you can wear it daily.
• Contains two bracelets so you can gift the other to your partner and be bonded through sharing an iconic set of bracelets.
• Titanium steel to ensure high durability and help prevent damage.

Product Specifications:
Gender: Couple
Occasion: Daily, Holiday
Material: Titanium Steel
Length: 22.5cm
Packaging Methods: Exquisite Gift Box