Jigsaw Puzzle Heart Pendant Couple Necklaces – EverMarker
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Jigsaw Puzzle Heart Pendant Couple Necklaces


Brand EverMarker

Each pendant is made of durable titanium, in either black or silver. The contrasting colors provide an almost Yin-Yang effect that can represent the way in which you both balance each other out. He is her Yin and She is his Yang.

When you and your special someone wear the two pendants, it represents your journey of trying to complete the puzzle of love, to be over. Each person must find their missing piece to create a deeply romantic bond between soul mates that lasts forever.

The pendant pieces come without a necklace chain, making them ideal gifts so you can mix, match and experiment with different chains and styles.

Draw attention to your special relationship with the iconic puzzle design.

The set makes for ideal birthday, valentine or anniversary gifts for couples.

Product Specifications:
Pendant Size: 1.00 x 1.10 inch
Metal: Titanium
Chain Length: 20-23 Inch
Men's Pendant Size: 24x29 mm
Women's Pendant Size: 17x17 mm

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