Jewelry Stainless Steel Macthing Couple Necklaces Ring Band Circle H – EverMarker

Ring Band Circle Hook-ups Pendent Couple Necklaces

$191.84 $86.33

Brand EverMarker

• Each set contains two necklaces with two stainless steel ring pendants per necklace. Each necklace has identical silver rings and either a black or rose-gold ring.
• Engraved into the silver ring is “I WILL ALWAYS BE WITH YOU” so you and your lover can be bonded together closely through this romantic gift.
• Black/rose-gold second rings on each necklace symbolize the iconic balancing effect men & women have on one another. Black for men and rose-gold for women.
• Expertly-polished surfaces of both rings reflect light to dazzle the senses of onlookers and leave them stunned in awe at your accessory’s beauty.
• Two necklaces per set making them ideal for couples celebrating romantic occasions like anniversaries, weddings and engagements.
• Stainless steel pendants to ensure high durability reduce fading and prevent scratches.

Product Specifications:
Material:316L stainless steel Chain Length Adjustable
Black color for man Gold color for woman
Feature:Anti-allergic / Never fade / High Polished
Chain length: 50cm 

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