|I Love You| "Have Mutual Affinity" Heart Titanium Steel Lover Necklac – EverMarker
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|I Love You| "Have Mutual Affinity" Heart Titanium Steel Lover Necklaces - Sweetest Love

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Brand EverMarker

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Pink is the color of universal love and compassion.

Pink and Silver Interlocking Couple Necklaces symbolized “SWEETEST LOVE”.

• Each half is a contrasting color to the other half to demonstrate the yin & yang balancing effect you two have on one another. When the other is not around, you feel incomplete and out of balance.

• The two crystals in each half of the titanium hearts sparkle brightly and reflect your inner love out to the world.

• There is tough titanium in both pendants so you don’t have to worry about scratches and damage. The material is strong just like your love.

• The two hearts connect together symbolizing the deeply intertwined lives yourself and your lover live.

• Both pendants have etched into them “I LOVE YOU” – to represent why your two hearts have melded together to become one.

Product Specifications:

Gender: Couple
Style: Fashion
Occasion: Daily
Materials: Titanium Steel, Crystal
Chain Length: 21.65"(men), 19.68"(women)
Packaging Method: Exquisite Gift Box