Evermarker Human Skeleton Couple Necklaces Alloy – EverMarker
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The Nightmare Before Christmas Vintage Jack and Sally Couple Necklaces

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Brand EverMarker

• Complete set comes with two necklaces with synthetic metal half coffin-design pendant on each necklace. One half contains a red crystal gemstone.
• Pendants may be joined together to create a completed coffin showing a carefully etched skeleton standing upright with a woman kneeling at his feet. This quirky set of necklaces can carry secret meaning to you and your lover.
• One half contains a pretty rose that symbolizes the other giving you their heart. Be bonded even stronger through this unique gift.
• Synthetic metal pendants to allow for a lasting necklace that won’t scratch, damage or discolor easily.
• Unique nature of these necklaces make them perfect for couple’s anniversary gifts.

Product Specifications:
Metal: Synthetic Metal
Perimeter: 45cm
Pendant Size: 3.5*2.5cm(double)


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