His and Hers Crystal Drill Inlaid Titanium Steel Love Devotion Cross P – EverMarker
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Personalized Crystal Drill Inlaid Love Devotion Cross Couple Necklaces

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Brand EverMarker

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• Each set comes with two necklaces that have rose-gold or black-colored stainless steel pendants with inlaid diamonds in the shape of a cross. Both pendants have unique messages inscribed.
• Put matching pendants together to join the romantic message “LOVE – THINKING OF YOU ALWAYS EVEN WHEN WE ARE APART”. This loving message will help keep you and your partner strong and faithful in your long-distance relationships.
• Novel shape of crosses created by glistening diamonds makes for a unique feature that few necklaces have. Standout from the crowd and sparkle your inner love out to the world.
• Stainless steel materials helps prevent scratches and damage so the icon that reminds you of your long distance relationship remains unharmed – just like your love for one another.
• Romantic-themed messages coupled with unique matching design makes for the perfect gift idea that keeps you relationship strong before entering into a long distance relationship.

Material: stainless steel, diamond inlaid
Color: black for male and rose gold for female
Pendant Size: 30 mm * 8 mm for male and 27 mm * 6 mm for female
Chain length:55 cm

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Processing Time: 5-7days.

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