High Polished Grooved Zircon Diamond Couple Engagement Rings Set – EverMarker

High Polished Grooved Zircon Diamond Couple Engagement Rings Set


Brand EverMarker

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Thousands of feet deep, in the scorching-hot fires of the Earth¨¹s mantle, immense pressure and heat sculpt and shape miraculous diamonds.

For tens of thousands of years mankind has been obsessed with diamonds because they are virtually impossible to break.

They survive anything, just like the love you share with your soul mate.
Let the zirconia diamonds in these rings remind you and your partner of the strength of your relationship.

Present this ring to your one and only and dazzle her senses. The ring has a matching band for the man so that you can bind your soul to your lover¨¹s forever.

The titanium and cubic zirconia duo make for a highly durable set of rings. The diamond-styled zirconia in the ring will last for years, just like your love.

Product Specifications:
Gender: Couple
Occasion: Daily, Engagement
Material: Titanium Steel, Cubic Zirconia
Width: 5mm(men), 3mm(women)

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