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"Keep Me In Your Heart" Ring Pendant Lover's Couple Necklaces

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Brand EverMarker

Each set contains two necklaces, each with silver circular-shaped pendants with inscriptions on the surface. Inside each circular pendant is either a gold or black ring, both of which have half a rhinestone heart. 

Circular design of pendants makes for a unique set of necklaces that stand out from other couples jewelry.
Both necklaces have black and rose-gold-colored rings inside the circular pendants, which have been polished to perfection to shine brightly in sunlight so you can echo your inner love for one another to the outside world.
Rhinestones on each ring join up to make a glittering heart representing your two hearts lovingly melding together.
Expertly inscribed on each pendant are the words KEEP ME IN YOUR HEART so that when you and your lover are apart, you will never forget one another.
Both pendants are made of titanium to ensure high durability.

Product Specifications:
Gender: Couple
Style: Fashion
Occasion: Daily, Holiday
Materials: Titanium Sitanium Steel/Rhinestone
Packaging Methods: Exquisite Gift Box
Men's Pendant Size: 23mm(Diameter)
Women's Pendant Size: 21mm(Diameter)Chain Size: 550mm

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