Forever Love Titanium Steel Cubic Zirconia Couple Rings – EverMarker

Forever Love Titanium Steel Cubic Zirconia Couple Rings


Brand EverMarker

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• Both rings made of titanium steel with cubic zirconia inlays and a golden love heart chiseled next to an inscribed message.
• Silver and gold combination of each ring glistens your love powerfully to the outside world. Make heads turn with this exquisite couples set of rings.
• Each ring has “FOREVER LOVE” carefully carved into the surface, so you can openly express your deep bond with your soul mate.
• Sole cubic zirconia crystals embedded that gently glisten in the sun. Let this sparkle remind you of their love when they are absent.
• Strong titanium steel in each ring to prevent damage, so you won’t have to get them repaired every couple years.
• Elegant design of both rings makes for a fitting engagement gift to cement your eternal loving bond.

Product Specifications:
Gender: Couple
Material: High Quality Titanium Steel, Cubic Zirconia
Width: 6mm(men), 4mm(women)

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