Intersect Design Engagement Ring Set – EverMarker
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Intersect Design Engagement Ring Set


Brand EverMarker

This style is customized after you place the order. The processing time is 15 working days.

¨¹ Both rings are made of 925 Sterling Silver. Both rings have cubic zirconia crystals embedded along the band. Lady¨¹s ring has a large cubic zirconia diamond on surface.
¨¹ Intertwining design of each ring makes for a traditionally-styled set of jewelry that is a worthy engagement or wedding gift to your one and only.
¨¹ Cubic zirconia inlay along the bands of both rings sparkle elegantly to dazzle the senses of onlookers and radiate your love for one another to the outside world.
¨¹ Massive cubic zirconia diamond on lady¨¹s ring glistens powerfully to leave your loved one breathless.
¨¹ Elegant, traditional style of both rings makes them ideal for wedding and engagement gifts.
¨¹ 925 Sterling Silver metal used in both rings to shine gracefully and make heads turn.

Product Specifications:
Gender: Women
Style: Fashion
Occasion: Engagement, Daily, Holiday
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Main Stone Dimension: 6.5mm*6.5mm

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