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Heart Lock Key Necklace& Bangle For Couple


Brand EverMarker

¨¹ Bracelet contains heart-shaped lock design and two embedded white rhinestones. 

¨¹ Necklace pendant is rectangular with suspended key design.
¨¹ Key design of pendant coupled with heart-shaped lock of bracelet represents a loving pledge between two soul mates; one has given the key of their heart to the other.
¨¹ Both items are expertly detailed to add an elegant, sophisticated touch to your style ¨¹ perfect for fancy occasions.
¨¹ Dual embedded rhinestones echo the love you feel for one another to the outside world.
¨¹ Fashioned out of durable titanium, ensuring long life-span of both items.
¨¹ Smoothly polished golden surface of both items captures light to dazzle onlookers.
¨¹ Comes in gold and silver color so you can accessorize to suit your style.
¨¹ Perfect gift ideas for anniversaries, couples birthdays.

Product Specifications:
Material: titanium steel /rhinestone
Size: bracelet circumference 17cm, necklace length 50cm.
Color: Gold, Silver

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