Fairy Tail Valentine Lovers Couples Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace ztl – EverMarker
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Fairy Tail Couples Diamond Heart Pendant Necklaces

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Brand EverMarker

• Both necklaces contain heart-shaped alloy metal pendants. Silver heart-shaped pendant is larger and can fit into it the smaller blue heart-shaped pendant. Both hearts contain a sole crystal.
• Puzzle feature of smaller heart matching into the larger heart is novel and unique enough to bond you and your soul mate closely.
• Silver & blue colors are a quirky combination that is sure to make heads turn.
• Gently inscribed on the blue heart-shaped pendant is “FAIRY TALE” making it ideal as a romantic gift for couples celebrating anniversaries or birthdays.
• Unique black and blue wing & arrow-shaped emblems on each pendant add an authentic touch to your look.
• Sole embedded crystals sparkle your love for one another gently to the outside world.
• Carefully blended alloy metals in pedant to deliver a highly durable end product.
Product Specifications:
Pendant Size: 3cm*2.5cm
Chain Length:approx 48cm
Package include:1 pair Pendant Necklace

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