Cross and Skull Engraved Bullet Shell Charm Pendant on Handmade Leathe – EverMarker
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Cross and Skull Engraved Bullet Shell Pendant on Handmade Leather Necklace (Color: Black)

$113.90 $49.95

Brand EverMarker

• Each set contains two leather necklaces. Both necklaces have matching golden bullet-shaped pendants with designs on the surface.
• Leather necklaces give your appearance a more refined, authentic look.
• Golden bullets shine brilliantly to capture the attention of onlookers.
• Novel bullet with skulls & crosses design gives you and your partner’s appearance that extra ‘edge’.
• Handmade necklaces that have excruciatingly detailed designs making them great romantic gift ideas for your soul mate.
• Two necklaces per set making them ideal gifts for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or birthdays.

Product Specifications:
Handmade with Genuine Leather