Couple's Classic Aesthetic Quality Bracelets Inlaid Zircon – EverMarker
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Couple's Classic Aesthetic Quality Bracelets Inlaid Zircon

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Brand Evermarker

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• Both bracelets are made of alloy metal. Each bracelet is either black or rose-gold in color and has cubic zirconia crystals embedded on the surface.
• Black and rose-gold plating on each bracelet is expertly polished to radiate brilliance and send onlookers into a state of awe.
• Simple designs of both bracelets make them suitable for daily wear.
• Cubic zirconia crystal inlay along bands of both bracelets sparkle beautifully. Present this set of bracelets to your partner to make a lasting memory they’ll never forget.
• Expertly-blended alloy metals are highly durable to help prevent damage, rusting and corrosion.

Product Specifications:
Gender: Couple
Occasion: Daily
Material: Alloy
Men Size: 18.5cm(Girth)`0.8cm(Width)
Women Size: 17.5cm(Girth)`0.8cm(Width)