Evermarker Couple's Cestus-shaped Pendant Necklaces Set – EverMarker
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Cestus Titanium Pendant Couple Necklaces


Brand EverMarker


¨¹ Each set comes with two necklaces, with the titanium pendants being in the shape of boxing gloves. The necklace and pendant can be obtained in black, gold, or silver, so you can choose the best set that complements your and your partner¨¹s style.

¨¹ The contemporary, original look of the boxing-glove shaped pendants is sure to catch the eyes of onlookers. Unapologetically expose your love to the world in a quirky yet unique way that no other couple has.

¨¹ The boxing gloves symbolize the degree to which both partners will fight for love. Wear these necklaces as charms to remind you both to fight hard to keep one another, even when it gets difficult.

Product Specifications:
Metal: Titanium Steel
Pendant Dimension: 24*33 mm(Men) 15*23 mm(Women)
Chain Length: 60 cm(Men) 55 cm(cm)

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