Evermarker Crystal Blue And Rose Gold Crown Couple Necklaces Titanium – EverMarker
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Titanium Blue And Rose Gold Zircon Inlay Crown Couple Necklaces

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Brand EverMarker


¨¹ Each set comes with two necklaces that have either blue or rose-gold colored titanium crowns playfully dangling from the chains, so you can be each other¨¹s King and Queen.
¨¹ Attached to each crown is a single silver ring with an embedded crystal. These rings shine brightly when the sun hits them to echo your inner burning love for one another.
¨¹ Each crown is either colored blue for men or colored rose-gold for women. Express your love through the iconic yin & yang effects the necklaces have.
¨¹ Share a unique set of crown necklaces with your lover to solidify your already strong loving bond with one another.

Product Specifications:
Main Gemstone: Crystal
Men's Pendant Size:22mm(Length)*16mm(Width)
Women's Pendant Size:20mm(Length)*14mm(Width)
Chain Length: 50cm
Packaging Method: Exquisite Gift Box

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