Crystal Cross And Heart Double Ring Couple Necklace – EverMarker
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Crystal Cross And Heart Double Ring Couple Necklace

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Brand EverMarker

¨¹ Both necklaces have two titanium rings attached. Each necklace has either a rose-gold or black ring. Both necklaces also have silver rings with a heart or cross shape made of crystals embedded.
¨¹ Heart & cross shapes made of crystals embedded in each silver ring adds an elegant touch to any person¨¹s outfit.
¨¹ Rose-gold and black rings are expertly polished to reflect light beautifully and dazzle the senses of onlookers.
¨¹ Simple design of both rings makes them suitable for daily wear.
¨¹ Ring-shaped pendants ideal as engagement gifts.
¨¹ Titanium steel rings to prevent damage and dents.

Product Specifications:
Materials: Titanium Steel/Crystal
Packaging Methods: Exquisite Gift Box
Men's Pendant Size: 24mm(Diameter)*5.95mm(Width)
Women's Pendant Size: 22.1mm(Diameter)*4mm(Width)

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