Black Rose Women Pendant Necklace – EverMarker
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Black Rose Women Pendant Necklace

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Brand EverMarker

Fashion is not only a kind of pursuit, but also a kind of attitude to enjoy life.
The necklace is Unique enough, wearing elegant, rich flavor and the popular fashion element. Wear it will let you out of the ordinary, stand in the forefront of popular.
In addition, The fashion necklace is durable and inexpensive. it will be an amazing gift for you and your friends!
Materials: Artificial gem, crystal
Packaging Method:exquisite gift box
Chain Length: 21cm-50cm
Extended Length: 8cm-10cm
Fashion is one kind of a woman's beauty. Fashion jewelry is the best way to enhance your look and stand out from the crowd. It perfectly complements your outfits and showcases your sense of style and fashion. The fashionable jewelry are available in an exquisite range that helps you to beautify your appearance in your own style.