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Best Friends Rhinestone Heart Pendant Necklace


Brand EverMarker

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• Both necklace pendants have rhinestone channels along the sides. Each alloy-metal pendant is shaped like half a heart and have messages engraved into the surface.
• Matching half-heart designs of each pendant can be put together to create a full heart. This symbolizes you and your best friend remaining true and loyal to each other through thick & thin.
• Match half-hearts together to make “BEST FRIENDS” message. Show your best friend you care with a unique necklace.
• Rhinestone channels along edge of each pendant sparkle incredibly to catch onlookers’ eyes.
• Alloy metal pendants are highly durable and resist rust.
Product Specifications:
Gender: Unisex
Occasion: Daily
Material: Alloy
Chain Length: 50 cm

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