Best Friends Heart Breaker Chain Necklace for Friendship Lover Birthda – EverMarker
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Heart Breaker Chain Necklace for Friendship Lover

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Brand 质检不合格下架

• Each necklace contains half an alloy metal heart. Messages are inscribed upon the surface of both half hearts.
• Put the two hearts together to create a full heart. Ensure your friendship lasts forever with this beautiful set of necklaces.
• “PARTNERS IN CRIME” is spelt out when the two pendants are put together. This edgy message playfully describes the dangerous personalities two best friends have when together.
• Expertly-polished surfaces of both pendants reflect light to dazzle onlookers into a state of awe.
• Alloy metal blend in each pendant ensures high durability.

Product Specifications:
Pendant Size:2.2cm
Broken heart pendant