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"I Carry Your Love with Me" Relationship Couple Necklaces

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Brand evermarker

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It’s commonly believed that being in love is an easy endeavour.

It’s thought that, once you find your one true love everything else will be easy from there on out.

Unfortunately, love never works this way. Love is not a collection of perfect romantic moments by intimate candle-lit dinners.

True love is felt in moments of difficulty, insanity, pain and frustration. In those moments, when everything seems dark and bad, when everything and everyone feels so negative and wrong, love feels incredibly strong.

The time when you are most sensitive to pleasure is when you are most in pain.

It is for this reason that one of the heart shaped pendants for this necklace bares the message “I CARRY YOUR LOVE”.

The necklace tells the world you carry your soul mate’s love, through everything, through all bad and all good, you carry their love.

Then the other pendant has inscribed upon it “WITH ME”, reminding the other of the effort the other goes through to nurture their love.

Product Specifications:
Gender: Couple
Occasion: Daily
Chain Length: 40cm

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