Merqute Women's Couple Cross Ring Necklaces Silver Plated – EverMarker
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Women's Couple Cross Ring Necklaces Silver Plated

$175.80 $69.50

Brand 链接失效

Perfect for as a gift for your special someone.

[Content of attachment] necklace` cleaning cloths` quality assurance paper` case` bag

[Size] (pendant top) approx. 1.5|x0.7| (4cmx2cm)` weight: 0.2 oz (6g)

[Material] alloy
Stylish cross motif. Stylish design with combination of cross and ring motifs. Chic and mono tone color is easy to match with any outfit. It's a couple's necklace that you'll want to wear all the time. Sophisticated leather cord. Leather cord that goes well with silver. It gives a sophisticated and elegant impression. It's perfect as an accent to a casual outfit.
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