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Men Women Couples Eternal Love Double Rings Couple Pendant Necklaces

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Brand evermarker

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• Both necklaces carry two interlocked titanium rings. The two rings on each necklace are both inscribed and have crystals imbedded in both. Both necklaces have silver rings as well as either a black or rose-gold ring.
• Ring-necklaces make for a suitable engagement gift for those that don’t want to wear rings on fingers.
• Inscribed on the silver rings is “ETERNAL LOVE” while the colored rings are inscribed with “THE WORLD LOOKS WONDERFUL WHEN I AM WITH YOU”. Use these romantic messages to express your love to your soul mate.
• Embedded crystals in all rings to add a sparkle to your appearance.
• Rose-gold and black color of both rings make for a trendy yet elegant way to express your love to one another.
• Durable titanium rings to ensure your necklace won’t scratch, dent or damage easily.

Product Specifications:
Men's Pendant Size: 0.78*0.2|(L x W )
Women's Pendant Size: 0.67*0.2|(L x W)

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