925 Silver Cross Couple Necklaces – EverMarker
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925 Silver Cross Couple Necklaces

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Brand Evermarker

¨¹ Both pendants are made of 925 Sterling Silver. Each pendant is shaped like a cross.
¨¹ Simple cross design of both pendants makes them very subtle additions to your outfit. Suitable for daily wear.
¨¹ 925 Sterling Silver surfaces of both pendants glisten incredibly to enchant onlookers into a state of awe and ecstasy.
¨¹ Matching pendants so you and your soul mate can wear identical necklaces and be bonded together closely because of it.
¨¹ Expertly polished surfaces of both pendants feel like smooth velvet to deliver an elegant accessory that complements your style.
Product Specifications:
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Pendant Weight: man:4g, woman: 3g
Chain Width: 2mm
Chain Weight: 1.1g
Pendant Width: man: 19mm, woman: 13mm
Pendant Length: man: 33mm, woman: 24mm

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